LGBTQ activist at Charlottesville vigil: ‘If you go after one of us, you go after all of us’

More than a half-dozen Miami-Dade activists represented LGBTQ-rights group SAVE Sunday night at a “Vigil for the Charlottesville Victims” held at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.

“In solidarity with those injured and killed in Charlottesville, Virginia, we are demostrating against fascism,” read a Facebook invitation posted by SAVE on Sunday morning. “We are gathering to support the victims. Bring candles and please remember that this event is a somber one with many people having been deeply affected by this tragedy.”

Among those who represented SAVE: Damian Pardo, Cindy Brown, Felix Becerra, Paul Thomas, Chris Plaza, Jeremy Mason and Peter Ortega.

“We’ve come to a vigil for the victims and the families of all the people in Charlottesville,” Pardo said. “Basically as a stand against white supremacy, as well.”

“We’re happy to be her to show support,” Thomas said. “This is for the victims. This is for the people who have suffered from hatred yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia.”

“And to show we’re all in it together,” Pardo added.

Said Brown: “I’m here because we have to stand for everyone. If you go after one of us, you go after all of us. We’re Americans, so we all are standing here together.”