Lyft driver took 16-year-old home from school — and sexually assaulted him, police say

A 43-year-old Hialeah Lyft driver has been arrested for sexual misconduct after he drove a 16-year-old home from school and allegedly forced the teen to perform oral sex.

The driver, Julio Perez, dropped the teen off at his home in Davie on Tuesday afternoon but later returned, according to the Davie Police Department. Perez then coerced the teen into letting him enter the house, where police say the sexual assault occurred.

The teen told his parents about the encounter and they contacted the police, said Sgt. Mark Leone, a spokesman for the Davie Police Department.

But it was another day before police were able to track down and arrest the driver. Lyft was reluctant to hand over the necessary information, Leone said.

“They were not as cooperative as we would have liked,” he told the Miami Herald.

After obtaining a subpoena for the driver’s information, police arrested Perez in Hialeah on Wednesday night.

Davie police urged parents to exercise caution when allowing their children to use ride sharing apps.

“Parents need to be very aware of what’s going on,” Leone said. “You’re putting your kid in a car with a stranger. What type of protections are in place?”

In a statement, Lyft said the company was “horrified” by the sexual assault allegations.

“We deactivated the driver as soon as this was reported, and stand ready to support the passenger and his family,” the company said. “We are currently in contact with law enforcement and have offered our full assistance and cooperation.”