Man accused of disemboweling ‘blow-up doll’ girlfriend sent to psychiatric hospital

The mentally ill Miami man accused of disemboweling his girlfriend’s corpse — claiming she actually was just a “blow-up doll” — won’t be standing trial any time soon.

A Miami-Dade judge on Friday declared Jerome Ernest Wright, 32, mentally incompetent to face a jury or assist in his own defense, according to court records. He’ll be sent to a secure state psychiatric facility to be rehabilitated, a process that could take months or years.

The move was not unexpected for Wright, a known marijuana and cocaine user with a history of schizophrenia.

For now, Wright is charged only with mutilating a human corpse and violating a domestic-violence injunction. He could still face a potential murder charge, but investigators have yet to determine the cause and manner of death for girlfriend Deanna Clendinen, 52.

Her badly decomposed body was discovered at his home on the 6200 block of Northwest 23rd Avenue on the night of Oct. 27. His mother called police to report a foul smell. Officers found Wright, “naked and sweaty,” walking out of his bedroom.

On his bed, they found Clendinen’s mutilated corpse, some of her internal organs missing. The organs were found outside in a garbage can next to the home.

Wright insisted that he had not seen Clendinen in five months — and that the body in his room was that of a life-sized blow-up doll “made of flesh.”

At the time, Wright was on probation for battering Clendinen.