Man Accused of Forcing Miami Beach Tourist Into Prostitution

Police have arrested a man on a human trafficking charge after they say he forced a Miami Beach tourist to work as a prostitute.

According to an arrest report, 24-year-old Kaleem Nurse was arrested Sunday by police when they received a call about a woman crying that she was being held hostage by “a pimp and his girlfriend.”

The woman told police she and a friend were on vacation in Miami Beach in late August of 2019 when they met Nurse. Over the course of a few days, Nurse treated the victim to food, drinks, and clothes before eventually disclosing to her that he was a “pimp,” and he expected her to pay him back, the report said.

Nurse instructed the woman to post ads on online escort services and work as a prostitute in bars and clubs across Miami Beach, the report said. She says she had to earn a minimum of $500 per night before she was allowed to even sleep.

Tom Fox/AP

The victim placed the 911 call on Sunday after an altercation with another woman Nurse had recruited to become a prostitute, the report said.

Police say Nurse denied knowing the women were prostituting, but online escort postings and text messages between Nurse and the women showed he did have knowledge.

Nurse is now facing two separate counts of human trafficking and prostitution. Attorney information wasn’t available.