Man Arrested in Miami Jewelry Store Owner Robbery: Police

A suspect in the armed robbery of a Miami jewelry store owner that was caught on camera last month has been arrested, authorities said.

Rolando Alvarez, 26, was arrested Wednesday on armed robbery charges in the Jan. 7 theft from the owner of Grimal Jewelry on Southwest 8th Street, according to an arrest report.

According to the report, the owner said he had just closed the business for the day and was speaking with an employee on the sidewalk when a man wearing a skeleton ski mask approached him.

The masked suspect, who was carrying what appeared to be a firearm but was actually a Taser, demanded the victim’s $6,700 watch and a $16,000 gold diamond ring. After he got the items, the suspect got into a waiting pickup truck and fled the scene.

The encounter was captured on the shop’s surveillance cameras.

According to the report, two days later, Alvarez tried to use the watch and ring as collateral at an exotic car rental in order to rent a green Lamborghini. Alvarez was later taken into custody, but denied being involved in the robbery, the report said.

Police said they were able to determine Alvarez’s cell phone was in the area at the time of the robbery, and messages Alvarez had exchanged with another person referenced the robbery, the report said.

Alvarez was booked into jail where he was being held without bond Thursday, records showed. Attorney information wasn’t available.