Man Sues After Nearly Losing Toe at Miami Dolphins Game

A man is suing the Miami Dolphins after he nearly lost his toe from a falling slab of marble while at a home game at Hard Rock Stadium.

Jean Michaud was at LIV — a club inside the stadium — two Sundays ago waiting for a drink when the slab fell on his foot.

“First thing I did was request assistance from security,” Michaud said. “It was about 30 minutes before someone arrived.”

It took another hour for medical assistance to arrive, Michaud alleged. 

“When they did remove the sock everyone’s reaction was the same – they covered their face, and I didn’t see it yet, but I knew it was bad,” Michaud recalled.

The falling marble sliced his big toe. The injury was so bad, doctors initially thought they had to amputate it.

“They said they would try to save it,” Michaud said. “Through the surgery, they were able to keep the toe attached with stitches, but they said I won’t have a nail bed moving forward, so there’s that frustration.”

Michaud said the Dolphins sent him a fruit basket and to call them when he got better. 

His stitches were removed, but he still has to use a walker and visit the doctor regularly.

Now, he’s suing the team for medical expenses and lifestyle interruption.

“(The injury) alters (my life), especially me not knowing when I will be able to walk again,” Michaud said.

Michaud’s lawyer said the issue is bigger than what happened to her client.

“We want the Dolphins to be told, if you are going to fill stadiums with thousands of people your construction needs to be up to code,” Danielle Cohen said. “We need to feel safe.”

The Miami Dolphins told NBC 6 the team is declining to comment on the case at this time.