Man sues the Miami Dolphins after his toe was accidentally amputated during a game

It was the second quarter of the Miami Dolphins game against the Oakland Raiders when Jean Michaud bellied up to the LIV Hard Rock Stadium bar and ordered a vodka.

The bartender had just turned to fix the drink when without warning the marble slab of the bar disconnected and fell to the ground. It clipped Michaud’s foot on the way down, sending the 34-year-old reeling.

It wasn’t immediately clear from the blood soaking through his sock, but Michaud would need getting reconstructive surgery to reattach his toe, which was amputated by the falling piece of marble.

“It was just hanging off,” he said.

Now he’s suing the Dolphins for negligence. A Dolphins spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment on the lawsuit, filed this week.

Michaud said that Dolphins employees immediately ushered him to a couch and cleared the area, but instead of bringing in any of the medical professionals waiting downstairs, they first had him give a signed statement about what happened.

Half an hour later, he said, medics finally arrived to treat him. An hour after the incident he was in an ambulance headed to the hospital.


Jean Michaud, 34, is suing the Miami Dolphins for negligence after part of the LIV Hard Rock Stadium bar fell on his foot and partially amputated his toe during the Oakland Raiders game Sept. 23. It took two people to lift the marble slab off the ground.

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Weeks later he’s still on medically ordered bed rest in his South Beach apartment. He uses a walker to get around, mostly to and from doctors’ appointments. He can’t go to his office job with Norweigan Cruise Line or play basketball with his coworkers. He had to miss the BET Hip Hop awards last week, which he had tickets for.

“It’s literally just been constantly laying in bed with my foot elevated,” he said. “It’s been a bit of a nightmare to be honest.”

Last week, he got a get well card and a basket of fruit from the Dolphins. “Wishing you a speedy recovery,” it read.