Men caught with credit card skimmers and a van to haul gas from the pump, police say

A van with credit card skimmers and bladders capable of carrying 1,200 gallons of gas. One man with several credit cards that aren’t his and a recent illegal fuel transportation charge that is his.

That’s what Aventura cops say they found Wednesday night at a Biscayne Boulevard Marathon on a routine patrol. And that’s why a pair of 27-year-olds, Hialeah’s Nelson Diaz and Miami’s Luis Reyes, were arrested.

When placed on a pump, credit card skimmers allow thieves to steal a credit card’s information once it’s used.

According to Aventura police, a routine patrol passing by the Marathon at 21005 Biscayne Blvd. around 11 p.m. spotted the white 2001 Ford Econoline van at a pump with an open cover. This drew the attention of officers who found that the van had been converted into a mini-fuel tanker and already had 100 gallons of fuel. Also, there were the aforementioned card skimmers.

Reyes allegedly had the credit cards. Earlier this month, he entered a deferred prosecution program after violating Florida Statute 316.80 (1), “It is unlawful for any person to maintain, or possess any conveyance or vehicle that is equipped with, fuel tanks, bladders, drums, or other containers that do not conform to 49 C.F.R. or have not been approved by the United States Department of Transportation for the purpose of hauling, transporting, or conveying motor or diesel fuel over any public highway.”

Online court records say Reyes is charged with that as well as three counts of identification fraud, one count of credit card trafficking and one count of possession of credit card-making equipment. Diaz’s charges weren’t listed in online court records or by Aventura police.