Miami Beach police release a video of a deadly shooting suspect

A video released by Miami Beach shows their suspect in Saturday night’s South Beach fatal shooting walking around the Ocean Drive area and firing a gun toward the ocean.

While the video doesn’t include the confrontation at 14th Street and Collins Avenue that killed a 33-year-old male (identity still being withheld until relatives are notified) around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, it does show a white male with a chunky torso in a leather jacket, dark T-shirt, shorts and sandals.

Cops want the public’s help in finding the man. A $5,000 boost from the Greater Miami-Miami Beach Police Foundation brings the potential reward for a Crime Stoppers tip to $8,000.

Miami Beach police say the video was cobbled together from omnipresent private and public surveillance cameras. It starts with the man crossing 11th Street on Ocean Drive, then veering east. There’s a dissolve to the cameras at 13th Street on the beach wall walkway, and the man runs into the frame to fire his gun toward the ocean.

Cops don’t know at whom he fired. No injuries or 911 calls came from the area.

The video ends shortly after that. Cops say shortly thereafter he ran into the shooting victim. Affter the shooting, he walked up to 23rd Street and Collins Avenue, where the 1 Hotel wouldn’t let him in the building.

Miami Beach Police Chief Dan Oates said police won’t know for certain until they identify the shooter, but “all indications are that they (he and the victim) didn’t know each other.”

Oates said, “It appears to be a random encounter. We do know there was a physical encounter. There might be an explanation. But we need to talk to him.”

Potential tipsters can contact Crime Stoppers Miami at 305-471-TIPS (8477) or via the Miami Crime Stoppers website.