Miami Beach Ready for Rain With Generators for Pump System

Miami Beach’s city manager said they’re expecting three inches of rain during the next storm this week and the city is prepared with temporary generators for their pump system.

For a lot of businesses and residents the city is only as good as the last storm, and on Aug. 1 there was a lot of backlash. Drivers were stranded on Alton Road, cars were underwater and people couldn’t even get around.

It didn’t help that seven inches of rain fell in an hour, a challenging amount for any pump system, but there were no generators so the pumps weren’t even working. This time the city says they’re ready.

“We ask for patience from folks. If we get another seven, eight inch storm of rain you’re gonna get some flooding,” city manager Jimmy Morales told NBC 6.

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The city has spent millions on the new pump system and there are now 18 generators all around Miami Beach. The city’s also attacking floods by trying to raise the city.

“We’ve started attacking the lower areas of the city. Sunset Harbor is the classic where we went up two to three feet,” Morales said. “Anything a private residence or business can do to help themselves in these types of situations we encourage them to do.”