Miami Congressman Curbelo receives police protection after Twitter threat

Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo was threatened on Twitter on Wednesday, the same day packages suspected of containing explosive material were delivered to a host of liberal political figures around the country.

Curbelo initially addressed the threat directly on his Twitter account.

“Political intoxication is making some Americans more prone to both verbal and physical violence,” he tweeted. “It’s a serious crisis and we all have to do our part to put an end to it. Not sure what’s more disturbing; the fact that someone tweeted this or that 4 accounts liked it.”

The tweet, which was a non-specific death threat against the two-term congressman, was eventually deleted and the associated account was deleted as well. Curbelo will receive protection from law enforcement but is not expected to change his official schedule or any campaign-related events less than two weeks from Election Day.

“Earlier this week our office was made aware of a death threat directed at Congressman Curbelo through social media,” Curbelo’s office said in a statement. “Capitol Police was immediately notified and quickly identified the individual responsible. The Congressman’s home and our district office are being monitored by officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department. There are currently no changes expected to his schedule and he is expected to participate in tonight’s previously scheduled forum with the Kendall Federation. Law enforcement will be present.”

The threat came from an individual, not a bot or automated account.

“The Congressman and his family would like to thank U.S. Capitol Police and the Miami-Dade Police Department for their swift work to address the situation. All other questions should be referred to Capitol Police,” Curbelo’s office said in a statement.

A spokesperson for U.S. Capitol Police did not immediately return a request for comment.

Curbelo’s office did not receive any of the suspicious packages Wednesday. U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Sunrise office was evacuated when a package suspected of containing explosive material meant for former Attorney General Eric Holder was sent to her , which was listed as the return address on the package.

The threat against Curbelo does not appear to be connected to the packages that targeted a host of liberal figures, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Alex Daugherty, @alextdaugherty, 202-383-6049