Miami couple accuses celebrity vegan chef of scamming them on their wedding day

What happened to Chef Sol?

The celebrity chef’s page is no longer active and when you click on, it says, “Website Expired.”

An email to the vegan guru’s address bounced back and his phone goes to Google Voice. His Twitter account, wiped out.

What gives?

His Instagram is still active, though. The last post is from Dec. 21: a picture of a Cuban Frita burger, a vegan burger.

The following day, local publicist JennyLee Molina, shed some light on what may have caused the shutdown. She shared a Facebook post saying that Chef Sol, born Josh Solis, had some serious issues with a couple who had hired him to cater their wedding in Homestead Dec. 8.

“I was recently representing a chef I trusted who left a $20k wedding catering gig completely hanging after he was paid,” wrote Molina. “My biz was also left scammed out of a lot of invested time and money. As a marketer, I only wish to shine the light on those who are honest and have the upmost integrity, especially if I endorse them and recommend them to others.”

Molina also shared some screengrabs of combative texts between Solis and the disgruntled groom, Craig Denis.

Among the myriad messages, Denis complains that Solis didn’t show up and instead sent his assistant Luz McCook, who reportedly arrived late for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding, and with not enough food (McCook’s website is also down and her Facebook inactive).

The chef, according to the texts, said he had another gig and admitted he sent McCook in his place, but that everything came out according to plan.

Solis, who has whipped up food for such celebrities as Jane Velez Mitchell, Common and Ty Dolla $ign, later accused the duo on a now-deleted Instagram post of hacking his accounts and “taking advantage” of him.

This #chefsol guy is playing the victim game,” wrote the bride Krystal Spalding, with the handle @KaySunshine. “How about you give me my money and the ‘hate campaign’ will cease. This guy said he was used? He met with us. He is such a liar I cant even deal with him.”

The couple plans to sue. They also formed the Instagram page called Chef Sol Scam.