Miami-Dade, Broward Heads Back to Class For First School Day

The day thousands of students and parents across Miami-Dade and Broward counties have been waiting for arrived Monday with the first day of school.

Over 350,000 students were expected in classrooms across Miami-Dade for the first day – a day that will also be the start of a school year where no school in the county received an “F” grade from the state of Florida.

The school district is also opening three new schools and unveiling several new programs aimed at giving students a head start in their education.

In Broward County, school superintendent Robert Runcie made his way across the county in an effort to get everyone excited and ready for the upcoming year.

“We see continued improvement and academic outcome in the district. The number of “F” schools in our district have fallen from 20 to 2,” Runcie said.

Runcie visited schools at all levels, including Piper High School in Sunrise.

“The kids are already excited because they know they are a part of an academy and it actually makes the school a little smaller for them,” said the school’s principal, Angel Gomez. “We have a school of 2600 and we’re now making the school more manageable and giving the students a little more sense of belonging.”

At Broadview Elementary School in North Lauderdale, students were surprised on the first day of school with a treat from the Florida Panthers

Stanley is out here having a little fun, Sean Thornton is here as well as a former player just to reinforce that hard work and determination are really valued to us,” said Sean McCaffrey, the team’s Chief of Staff.

While plenty of students were ready for the day, some of the parents were quite ready to let go.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how kindergarten goes – this is our first year, so we’re a little nervous,” said mother Sophia Allen. “It’s a new experience. He didn’t cry, so we did good.”