Miami-Dade Health Expert Recommends Both Antigen and Diagnostic Tests in Certain Cases

Health experts remain confident antigen tests are reliable though they are likely to return a false negative result. As a result, an infected person might think they do not have the virus.

“It is a test for someone early on in their infection,” Dr. Aileen Marty said.

Dr. Marty is an infectious disease expert at Florida International University and is advising Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez on the pandemic. She has recommended people that receive an antibody test also be tested using a PCR-diagnostic test which is more accurate, but results take longer.

“It is not a very good test for asymptomatic people and it is not very good for someone that has has symptoms for 7-10 days,” she added.

Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the rapid test would be used on symptomatic people and the elderly at two testing sites at Marlins Park and Hard Rock Stadium.

The sensitivity of the test was apparent last week when Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine tested positive for the virus ahead of a meeting with President Donald Trump. The governor was tested three more times including a diagnostic test and the results were negative.

Dewine, who did not have symptoms, was administered the antigen test used in Florida.

Doctors have said he was not an ideal candidate for a rapid test.