Miami man who owned popular Bimini bar shot to death at his condo in Bahamas

Andy Monterray

A South Florida man who owned a popular bar in Bimini was murdered in his Bahamas condominium early Sunday, in a confounding shooting that has left friends and local law enforcement in the dark.

Alain Perez, 47, who shuttled between the tiny hamlet of Alice Town on Bimini and a West Miami-Dade home he shared with his mom and girlfriend was shot about a half dozen times in the chest, back and leg after opening the front door to his condo just after 1 a.m. Sunday.

“Everybody knew Alain never took any money with him. I have no idea why he was killed and his family has no idea, either,” said long time friend Andy Monterray.

Bimini police released a statement Monday saying that Perez was shot multiple times, then taken to the Bimini Clinic where he died from his injuries. They’re asking anyone with information to come forward.

Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, parliamentary secretary in the office of the Bahamian Prime Minister released a statement saying Perez’s death has “sent shockwaves through our community.”

Royal Bahamas Police Superintendent Henry Rolle told local Miami affilliate WTVJ-Channel 4 that before Perez died he managed to tell Bahamian police that someone knocked on his door and that he was shot when he answered it. Rolle said police had no motive for the shooting.

Monterray, who met Perez years ago at the bar he owned, Big John’s Bar and Grill, said he can’t imagine why anyone killed his friend. He said islanders are well aware that Perez never kept money at his home and that it was always locked in an “impenetrable” vault in the bar.

Monterray said Perez typically spent three days a week in Miami-Dade, then flew back to Alice Town in North Bimini for the remainder of the week. Every year Perez would hold a toy drive for the kids on the tiny island of 300.