Miami weather is changing again. You’ll like one part and hate another

South Florida’s weather is a good news/bad news proposition to start the week.

First, the bad news: It’s going to rain.

Forecasters expect a wet Monday afternoon and evening, just as you’re hitting the road from school and work to go home. Rain chance is 50 percent during the day and 60 percent at night.

“It’s going to be soggy for many,” said Lissette Gonzalez, meteorologist for Miami Herald news partner CBS4.

The cause: a disturbance moving in from the Gulf of Mexico.

And now the good news:

It’s cooler.

As you wake up Monday, you’ll feel the 60s and low-70s. In the peak of the afternoon, it won’t even reach 80.


And it’ll even be nicer at night, when temerpatures dip into the mid- to upper-60s into Tuesday morning.

But, there’s bad news again for Tuesday: Even more rain.

Expect stormy conditions at times, with lightning, thunder and one- to-three inches of rain Tuesday into Wednesday, the National Weather Service says.

South Florida will stay wet until Thursday, when even cooler weather moves in, with nighttime temperatures in the lower-60s.