New TikTok Trend Prompting Concerns on Florida Beaches

Have you heard about the “How Far Can You Dig” challenge?

It is a viral video going around the popular video app TikTok that directs people to dig deep, and wide holes on the beach.

After seeing several holes appear on some Florida beaches, the challenge is concerning several officials.

Sanibel Mayor Holly Smith said that while building sandcastles on the beach is common, leaving big, wide holes can be harmful to beachgoers and wildlife

“You come and you make castles [and] you dig holes,” Smith said in an interview with NBC affiliate WBBH-TV.

The holes popping up throughout the beaches of Sanibel and Marco Island could be dangerous as beachgoers walk through the beach at night with young children, elderly people.

It can also be harmful to newborn turtles that walk to the ocean overnight.

The Marco Island Police Department advised beachgoers that if they plan to dig a hole in the sand, then before they leave they should refill the hole and to take their belongings with them.