New video offers clearer picture of warehouse shooting that killed a father of seven

A new video gives a clearer picture of the assassination of a father of seven in Opa-locka two weeks ago, but it still doesn’t help explain why Joseph Gabriel Gonzalez was killed.

The 31-second video released by Miami-Dade police on Monday is taken from just outside the small warehouse at 2155 Opa-locka Blvd., where Gonzalez was shot to death as he sat inside his daughter’s Chevy Malibu.

In the video taken just after 2 a.m. on Oct. 18, a man wearing a hoodie enters the picture from the south end of the small parking lot and walks past the front of the car. About 25 seconds later another man, also wearing a hoodie, approaches and walks up to the driver’s side.

Then flashes as shots are fired. It’s not entirely clear which side of the car the shooter is on. Gonzalez’s daughter said her father was in the passenger seat.

Two weeks after the early morning shooting, police still don’t know who killed Gonzalez and haven’t said why they believe he was shot.

Gonzalez’s daughter Gabrielle Gonzalez, 20, said she was in the driver’s seat with her infant son Legend when her father was killed. They were not injured. Joseph Gonzalez, a father of seven, was killed immediately.


Gabrielle Gonzalez, 20 and her 1-year-old son Legend were in the car outside her father’s car stereo shop early Wednesday morning when he was shot and killed sitting next to them.

Charles Rabin

The shooting happened in front a small warehouse where Joseph Gonzalez lived and where he installed stereo equipment for cars. His daughter, who said she tried to save him, said she believes the shooting took place because of a fight over marijuana, which Joseph Gonzalez sold in small quantities from his warehouse.

Miami-Dade police are investigating the homicide.

State records show that Joseph Gonzalez once owned a company called Joker’s Custom Auto Sound in Broward County. They also show a criminal history of mostly non-violent crimes like drug possession and traffic violations, dating back to 1999.