No bottled water in Miami-Dade? No problem, mayor says: Fill from the tap

The sight of empty grocery-store shelves where water bottles used to be shouldn’t worry residents stocking up for Hurricane Irma, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez said Wednesday.

The reason: Water running from the tap is just as good to fill jugs at home.

“There is nothing wrong with Miami-Dade County water,” Gimenez said.

Miami-Dade has long been proud of its tap water, putting out press releases on its quality.

Gimenez used a Wednesday briefing at the county’s emergency operations center in Doral to remind people that bottled water isn’t necessarily required to get through a storm. One gallon of water per person for three days works even if the water is collected ahead of the hurricane from the tap.

“Miami-Dade County water is safe to drink,” he said. “Open the tap. Use containers in your home to store tap water.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who spoke moments later, added that retailers are trying to replace bottled water quickly for people who want to buy more.

“We have water,” Scott said.

And the Federal Emergency Management Administration, he added, “is bringing water.”