Now that it’s almost spring, South Florida is getting a taste of winter

South Florida may have had the warmest winter on record, but Mother Nature isn’t through with the cold weather just yet.

Wednesday morning could be pretty cold by South Florida standards, with lows in the low 50s in some areas.

“We have several cool and not humid days in store for us,” National Weather Service meteorologist Stephen Konarik said.

Thursday morning may be even cooler, Konarik said, with some western suburbs seeing temperatures in the upper 40s.

The blast of cold air comes courtesy of the same front that blanketed the Northeast with snow and caused a tornado in Plantation Monday night.

Konarik said the unseasonably cold weather is about 10 degrees lower than it normally is this time of year. And the cold will linger until at least Saturday, he said.

“We are getting a taste of winter as we head into spring,” Konarik said.