On his very own day, this elephant got the royal treatment from a fire hose

A garden hose wasn’t good enough for Dalip on World Elephant Day.

So Zoo Miami called in the big guns on Sunday to shower the 51-year-old Asian elephant bull: the hoses from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

Crews used a high-powered hose to wash down Dalip, giving him a “nice massage” in the process, said zoo spokesman Ron Magill.

“He seemed to really like it,” Magill said. “He started lifting his trunk and enjoyed the heck out of it.”

The special shower was part of a weekend-long celebration, which also included a party for the female elephants and educational sessions.

Magill said the shower was a great way for Dalip to cool off from the summer’s heat and relax at the same time.

“It was definitely a treat for him,” he said.