Passengers hospitalized, cabin wrecked: harsh turbulence on a Miami to Argentina flight

Passengers on a Miami to Buenos Aires flight Thursday found out why you’re advised to always wear your seat belt when seated.

Severe turbulence thrashed Aerolineas Argentinas flight 1303 about so much that 15 passengers were injured and eight taken to the hospital, according to the airline.

Pictures from the flight on social media show a cabin that looked as if it endured a rambunctious food fight among the crew and 192 passengers. Oxygen masks dropped.

The Airbus A330 left Miami International Airport on its daily run to Argentina’s capital at 9:16 a.m. and landed at Ministro Pistarini International Airport at 7:28 p.m., about a half hour behind schedule.

On their website the airline explained (translated from Spanish), “Turbulence occurs when two air masses of different temperatures or different velocities collide. These can produce sudden movements in the aircraft according to their intensity, although they do not in any way jeopardize the safety of the aircraft.”