Police issue warning after cottonmouth snakes were spotted in a popular dog park

Cottonmouth snakes usually bite only when they feel threatened. But when they do, their venom is strong enough to kill a human or a dog.

That’s why the Coral Springs Police Department has taken to social media to warn dog owners that cottonmouths — also known as water moccasins — have been spotted at Dr. Paul’s Pet Care Center Dog Park in the city’s Sportsplex.

“Wildlife is common in our city, especially closer to the Sawgrass, however, the cold weather is causing these native reptiles to move to areas within the park to find warmth,” the department said in a Facebook post.

Park goers are being told to report a spotting to the Coral Springs Police at 954-344-1800 so a Humane Unit Officer can respond.

“In the meantime, our Humane Unit Officers will be out to survey the area tomorrow to see if there is increased nesting of these snakes near the park area and take appropriate action,” the department wrote. “Be mindful of all your pets while walking them or at a local park to ensure their safety.”