Police Warn of Scam Calls Targeting Broward Senior Citizens

Coral Springs Police are warning residents of a new phone scam targeting senior citizens in an effort to get them to send or wire money to the caller.

Officials say those involved are using a “distressed love-one tactic” in which the caller says they are an attorney representing a grandchild who has been arrested for a crime, asking the grandparent to wire money for their release – in several instances, asking for the senior citizen’s bank account number.

In some cases, the caller has said that the grandchild was in an accident and needed medical assistance. Police are advising residents not to wire any money as there is no way to reverse the transaction or trace its destination.

Police say scammers have been using social media to get the victim’s information and warn that you should be suspicious if you receive a phone call asking you to wire money or someone is posing as legal counsel for a loved one asking for money right away.

Anyone who may have been a victim of one of these calls is advised to call Coral Springs Police.