Power, where are you? It’s back for most, but thousands are still in the heat

Ninety-five percent of Miami-Dade County’s Florida Power & Light customers and more than 98 percent of Broward’s customers now have power, according to the utility’s data.

Just don’t tell that to the other hot and frustrated 7 percent.

As of 10 a.m. Monday, 52,290 homes and businesses were powerless in Miami-Dade County out of FPL’s 1.1 million accounts, according to FPL. In Broward, 12,990 were without power out of a total of 933,300 customers, and in Palm Beach County, 2,420 out of 739,000 were dark.

In Miami-Dade, outages continue in South Miami-Dade and a pocket of northeast part of the county.

An FPL spokesman said on Monday that its timelines for restoration still hold and except for extreme damage cases, the vast majority of customers will see their power restored by the end of Tuesday. The Northeast Miami-Dade quadrant north of 79th Street will be restored by end of the day Monday as will all of Broward County, FPL said.

Massive power outages began being reported last weekend when Irma side-swiped Miami-Dade and Broward with tropical-storm-force, outer-band winds. At one point, more than 80 percent of Miami-Dade and Broward were without power.

Patience has been drained as residents and business owners took to @insideFPL on Twitter to vent — or try to attract attention.

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