Prophet of Fort Lauderdale warned of Airport Massacre

Sollog aka Rex Luciferius

The Prophet of Fort Lauderdale

Warned of Airport Massacre

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Prophet Sollog warned of Fort Lauderdale Airport Massacre

Prophet Sollog warned of

Fort Lauderdale Airport Massacre

Sollog Prophecy Video gave exact details of Airport Massacre

By D.E. Alexander Chief Editor 247 News

He is known as THE PROPHET and his Prophecies are WORLD FAMOUS and have amazed his fans for over 20 years making he a LIVING LEGEND and the most famous Living Prophet in the World today.

Last summer he put his Prophecies to music and his voice, which has been called the deepest bass voice in rock and country, was the reason his songs were played over 30 Million times on SoundCloud this past summer giving him three #1 Hits in three genres of music. His booming deep bass voice and his lyrics that sing about mass death events that give locations where mass death events around the world have been happening over and over. The fact is his Prophecy Music has been having major hits over and over. Over all his Prophecy Music last summer put over 20 songs into the top 10 of five genres of music on SoundCloud the most popular streaming network for 15 to 25 year old’s, the age range that listens to the most music. That alone should make him a LEGEND.

THE PROPHET lives in Fort Lauderdale and our office is in Fort Lauderdale since the media company that owns our company also owns the music company that produces the music and music videos of THE PROPHET.

So I had the opportunity to speak face to face with THE PROPHET as we smoked cigars yesterday and watched the Fort Lauderdale police response to the latest PROPHECY HIT of THE PROPHET unfold before our eyes.

Yesterday was a beautiful blue sky day early in the day and as news of the airport shooting massacre hit the local news station I walked over to the warehouse near my office where THE PROPHET has been practicing his songs as he gets prepared for THE WORLD TOUR in which he will take over the world via his Prophecy Music.

THE PROPHET pointed to the dark cloud that had mysteriously appeared out of no where and it framed the tragic day for Fort Lauderdale. It was an hour or so ago that I had remarked to colleagues what a great day it was for Golf, nothing but BLUE SKIES and now an hour later the whole Fort Lauderdale area had mysterious grey clouds and a large black cloud hung over the airport area as THE PROPHET and I smoked a cigar and discussed how this Airport shooting in Fort Lauderdale was indeed another MAJOR HIT for THE PROPHET OF ROCK.

For over 20 Years I’ve called THE PROPHET by what most who know him call him, that being SOL which is short for SOLLOG his religious name that is world famous.

Now SOLLOG has a group of young musicians and gorgeous young girls around him most days and they all call him REX. The reason is SOLLOG is REX LUCIFERIUS the name he uses for songs he sings. Luciferius is Latin for BRINGER OF LIGHT which is what the ancients called the Morning Star or Planet Venus. In fact Jesus claimed the title MORNING STAR or Luciferius in the last words he is quoted as saying in the New Testament and that is why many view Sollog as Jesus who has unveiled himself as LUCIFERIUS the great day star that brings LIGHT TO THE WORLD.

I had a long conversation with THE PROPHET as we watched the black cloud over Fort Lauderdale destroy a beautiful blue sky day which I will summarize below after I explain to you how to see how THE PROPHET named the city, the type of event and even the name of the airport shooter in one of the last Prophecies he penned as SOLLOG. It was written 11/13/2015 a little over a year ago when SOLLOG aka THE PROPHET aka REX LUCIFERIUS announced for the time being if not forever, his prophecies as SOLLOG were done. His new work will be as REX LUCIFERIUS who will sing the Prophecies of Sollog as the world gets ready to be slaughtered by the GREAT ASTEROID STRIKE in which over 99.9% of humanity is destroyed shortly after the year 2022 says THE PROPHET.

To prove to you HOW GREAT of a Prophet THE PROPHET is, you only need to look at his TERRORISM PROPHECY which is on YouTube for over a year as the time stamp proves and you will see the type of event described by THE PROPHET (a public massacre at an airport), as well as the shooters name (Santiago) and the location of the event (Miami which Fort Lauderdale is considered part of by companies like Nielsen Data) all in one Prophecy he titled the TERRORISM PROPHECY.

So here is the PROOF that all 3 key things in the Fort Lauderdale Massacre at the Airport were in one prophecy of THE PROPHET and you need to spread this article and that prophecy all over social media and help wake up humanity to the fact THE PROPHET LIVES and is alive and well and living in Fort Lauderdale.

So here goes, the TERRORISM PROPHECY is time stamped and has been on YouTube since November 2015 a little over a year ago. Here is the link to the Prophecy Video.

At 9 seconds in the video THE PROPHET warns massacres will be occurring in PUBLIC PLACES and he warns of Airports, Train and Bus Stations clearly.

Sollog Terrorism Prophecy
Sollog Terrorism Prophecy


The name SANTIAGO appears in the prophecy video at 3:58 in the video.

Sollog Terrorism Prophecy
Sollog Terrorism Prophecy

The location of Fort Lauderdale is given in 4:14 of the video, Fort Lauderdale is part of the Miami sprawl, it’s considered the same media market as MIAMI. Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport where the massacre struck is only a few miles from the Dade County border or where Miami begins for most who live in this area.

Sollog Terrorism Prophecy
Sollog Terrorism Prophecy

I’m one of the few that have dared to write over the years about THE PROPHET and how the evil fuckers that run the government have harassed our publisher and raided our offices over the years looking for THE PROPHET and the fuckers even falsely arrested THE PROPHET and wasted five years of his life over a 100% BOGUS Case from 30 years ago. A traffic accident that the evil US Government fabricated into a false DUI and Assault case to try to silence THE PROPHET.

THE PROPHET SAYS we all now get to see how the US Government is humbled by a little space rock or asteroid and how THE PROPHET destroys every government and every religion with ONE SPACE ROCK. That makes THE PROPHET the beginning of the NEW AGE on this planet, the age when 99.9% of humanity has to be DESTROYED to rid mankind of false religions and evil governments that enslave humanity to things such as illegal taxes and bullshit laws that help the elite rape and destroy this planet.

“THE PROPHET shall be revered in the future on this planet”, says THE PROPHET, “Since the only survivors of the Asteroid strike are those that OBEY HIS WARNING and move to safe zones while the rest of humanity refuses to BELIEVE HIS WARNING and for that THEY GET DESTROYED by the asteroid.

THE PROPHET says, “All western religions are pure BULLSHIT and nothing but lies, there was no Moses nor even a Jesus and Mohammad was a deluded pedophile that heard demons in caves who gave him the Qu’ran, in fact THE PROPHET says Mohammad found the Qu’ran and that they were religious plates the same crap Joseph Smith had visions of in his dreams the religious plates of Mormons that never existed since Smith only saw them in his visions.”

“However, Mohammad may have actually touched religious plates which were called QU’RAN in Sumerian so that is the source of Mohammad’s GOD, pure pagan BULLSHIT from Sumeria on religious plates called Qu’ran in Sumerian. ”

THE PROPHET is a religious scholar besides being a great singer and he is a historic mathematician with laws of math and astrophysics that carry his name now (see Paideias citation), and his book ORIGIN OF GOD exposes how the foundation of all western religions was BULLSHIT, the Torah or Books of Moses are 100% Sumerian THE PROPHET explained in his book about THE ORIGIN OF GOD and the texts were how ancient ‘Hebrews’ recorded in a type of phonetic short hand the Sumerian Book of the Dead which existed over 2,000 years before the Egyptian Book of the Dead copied it.

“The Torah is the Sumerian Book of the Dead and that destroys the Old Testament once and for all and all Jews are destroyed with it says THE PROPHET and that destroys Jesus and all Christians who used the Sumerian Book of the Dead parading as The Torah to validate their made up God who never existed says THE PROPHET and the destruction of the foundation of Jews and Christians destroys the evil of Islam, the bullshit created by the lunatic cave dwelling pedophile known as Mohammad,” says THE PROPHET.

So here we are today, a modern man they call THE PROPHET with the Latin name of Lucifer is saying ALL RELIGION IS BULLSHIT and he speaks and mass death events happen as he warns. He speaks and the ground shakes, he speaks and the mountains smoke and if you are a Jew, Christian or Muslim THE PROPHET is condemning you for being a mental midget and worshiping obvious lies according to THE PROPHET.

Recently THE PROPHET revealed the Tel Dan Stele inscription about King David is BULLSHIT and an obvious FORGERY since there was no young boy with a sling shot who slew any GIANT, it’s a complete bullshit story made up by Jews who believed the bullshit lies of the Torah says THE PROPHET.

These are direct quotes from THE PROPHET.

“There was no Ark that fit two of every species in it, while there were global flood events from Asteroid strikes hitting the oceans, THERE WAS NO ARK and a child of five should say BULLSHIT when hearing such nonsense and the parting of the sea never happened, there was no Moses and there was no Hebrew slaves in Egypt. There are no contemporary historical references to any of the BULLSHIT that modern Jews claim to have occurred in their BULLSHIT religious writings.”

There was NO Jewish Rabbi named Jesus that ever existed and all the miracles are false stories and he never walked on water and if you go to the after world looking for anyone named Jesus you get laughed at for being a MORON and sent back to earth to do stupid shit like be a MORON or MORMON.”

THE PROPHET says, “We are near the age of when every Synagogue, every Church and every Mosque will be destroyed by people around the world when they learn their religious beliefs are nothing BUT LIES.”

“More and more shootings and fires in religious buildings will happen as the world wakes up and destroys all false religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Those of these false faiths will be hunted down by those who are woken up to THE TRUTH and there will be a great war in which people who are awakened to the great religions being LIES hunt down anyone that dares to publicly proclaim they are Jew, Christian or Muslim.”

Claiming any Religious belief will get you dead soon as the world descends into chaos as all three great Western beliefs are erased from history as they must be,” said THE PROPHET.