Residents near crane that collapsed during Hurricane Irma are being evacuated

Miami police and fire rescue teams are evacuating residents from two buildings across the street from where a crane collapsed during Hurricane Irma, city officials said Tuesday.

The crane has yet to be secured, city officials said. As a result, police and fire teams are evacuating residents from the east side of the building located at 479 NE 30th well as the entire building at 505 NE 30th St. Both buildings are in the Edgewater neighborhood.

The buildings are across the street from the Gran Paraiso construction site, where a crain collapsed during Hurricane Irma.

On Monday, city officials said they were working with the general contractor, Plaza Construction, to secure the building and make sure the building is structurally sound. Maurice Pons, the city’s building official, said the contractor must submit engineering reports on the conditions of the crane.

A second crane at the Vice apartment tower in downtown Miami also snapped during Hurricane Irma. A third crane, in a luxury condo tower under construction in Fort Lauderdale, also collapsed during Irma.

The cranes were supposed to be able to withstand winds of around 145 miles per hour.