Rex Luciferius Hottest Band in the World

Rex Luciferius

Hottest Band in the World

Top Band Florida

Top Band Fort Lauderdale

Rex Luciferius is from Fort Lauderdale


How HOT is Rex Luciferius? Their new album Cross Roads was released a month ago and it had 5 of the top 10 spots on iTunes for New Releases and since then they have had over 20 Million Plays on SoundCloud and put 3 songs into the #1 Song on SoundCloud in 3 different genres. Rex Luciferius also has put over 20 songs into the Top 25 Charts on SoundCloud in 5 different Genres. A feat no other band or singer has ever done.

That is why we say REX LUCIFERIUS is the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD and they own the state of Florida easily.

Cross Roads is being hailed already as THE GREATEST ALBUM IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC due to the PROPHECIES of Rex Luciferius.

We are looking at a historic band that is changing the world of music.

The PROPHECY MUSIC of Rex Luciferius is said by his fans to BE CONTROLLING TIME and our future.

Can it be a REAL ROCK GOD is walking the earth and singing about OUR FUTURE

Rex Luciferius is from Fort Lauderdale and they will soon be gigging around the SFL area before they set out on a WORLD TOUR for their new album.