Roaches, rodents, mold and lobsters in standing water shut down restaurants

Sometimes, it’s roaches. Sometimes, it’s rodents. Sometimes, it’s rampant filthiness.

Every week, a few South Florida restaurants prove just too gross to stay open after a state inspector visit.

The shut-down list:

▪ Brunia’s Caribbean Take Out, 3630 N. State Road 7, near Fort Lauderdale. One of Brunia’s five High Priority violations was described May 9 as “Observed approximately 30 live roaches under the wooden prep table facing the stove in the kitchen area and approximately 20 live roaches under the reach in freezer in the kitchen area. Observed 1 live roach in the dining room.” Add to that the live, small flying insects in the kitchen or food storage areas; a Stop Sale issued for chicken kept at improper temperatures; “interior of microwave soiled with encrusted food debris;” and “Ceiling/ceiling tiles/vents soiled with accumulated food debris, grease, dust, or mold-like substance.” When the inspector returned the next day, most of the violations remained, including “nine live roaches in the kitchen area.” Two more follow-up inspections on May 11 resulted in Brunia’s getting time extensions, which means the restaurant is trying to be in compliance but prevented by circumstances beyond its control.

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▪ New China Guo, 3170 W. Commercial Blvd., Tamarac. The inspector saw on May 9 “three live roaches found under chest freezer in kitchen, six live roaches found under three-compartment sink in kitchen, two live roaches found under food preparation sink in kitchen, one live roach found next to mop sink and two live roaches found next to walk in cooler.” And on the dead roach trail: “two dead roaches in kitchen under chest freezer, six dead roaches found in kitchen under 3 compartment sink, one dead roach found next to walk in cooler and one dead roach found behind Frigidaire freezer in kitchen.” There also was a “lobster tail thawing in standing water.” And a plastic jug cut in half and reused as scoop. And a sugar scoop’s handle sat in the sugar container. Everything got corrected the next day.

▪ Riceup Asian Kitchen, 16642 Saddle Club R., Weston. First, on May 9, the rodents: “More than 10 droppings on floor in dry storage room under wood pallet” half of which were wet (which means fresh). Next, the live roaches: “one live roach on floor in dry storage room. Two live roaches on wood board in dry storage room. One live roach under wood pallet in dry storage room. Two live roaches behind reach in freezer next to sushi station. Finally, the dead roaches: “one dead roach on floor next to rice cookers. One dead roach on wall in dry storage room. One dead roach under wood pallet in dry storage. One dead roach on floor in sushi station. One dead roach on tray for customer in server station. One dead roach on table in server station.” Other problems: “In-use knife/knives stored in cracks between pieces of equipment.” “In-use rice scoop/spoon stored in standing water less than 135 degrees.” “Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.” “Handwash sink not accessible for employee use due to items stored in the sink.” The problems were addressed by the following day.