Roofing fumes cause evacuation of Miami City Hall

Historic Miami City Hall was evacuated late Friday afternoon after fumes from roofing repairs seeped into the building.

According to acting city manager Fernando Casamayor, staffers in the mayor’s office called around 3 p.m. to report a noxious smell wafting into the building at Dinner Key in Coconut Grove. The building was evacuated and fire trucks were called in to assess the situation.

It turns out, a crew performing roof repairs had placed their roofing glue too close to the building’s air conditioning vents, Casamayor said. Nobody was treated by paramedics. But given the timing of the event, Casamayor said the building will remain closed for the evening with its air conditioning system off-line so that the building can be cleared of the smell.

“Miami City Hall was evacuated briefly. In an abundance of caution, we cleared everyone out. There’s not that many people there anyway on a Friday afternoon — I don’t think I’m breaking news there,” Casamayor said. “I had fire out there just to make sure it’s not a safety issue. We shut down the building and turned off the AC. We’ll turn it back on tomorrow.”