Scattered Storms Expected Saturday in South Florida as Residents Prep for Ian

Although we are not expecting widespread rain, the chance for storms returns to South Florida.

Scattered storm chances are expected this afternoon with highs near 90 degrees. There is also a possibility for afternoon temperatures to reach for the record again.

For Sunday, we could see a scattered storm for the afternoon but overall, this weekend should remain mostly rain-free. Highs will reach near 90 degrees.

Tropical Storm Ian was forecast to strengthen over the Central Caribbean and develop into a hurricane in coming days with South Florida in the cone of concern, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Residents across South Florida are urged to prepare with all the necessary essentials for the upcoming storm using the NBC 6 Hurricane Guide.

The center of the storm is expected to be to the west of The Keys, but the forecast remains that it is moving by as a major hurricane. This system will have intense wind, heavy rain, and storm surge risks are all dependent on its track.

Thankfully, the forecast for the week ahead will trend in a drier direction.