Security guard shot in back works 2 jobs to support kids

A security guard gunned down by his own colleague at a Hollywood treatment plant on Sunday remains unconscious and unable to tell his side of what happened, family members said Monday.

Wilner Duce, 49, of North Miami remained in the hospital in critical condition after a bullet fired by another guard hit him in the back, destroying one his kidneys and punching a hole in his pancreas, the family said.

“He needs a machine to help him breathe, too,” said Duce’s aunt, Antoinine Pompee, who lives a few blocks away.

Police found Duce lying on the ground at Hollywood’s water treatment plant at 3441 Hollywood Blvd. when they responded to a 911 call Sunday around 7 a.m. Another security guard shot Duce after an altercation between the two, police said, but how it escalated to gunfire was unclear.

The guard who fired the shot has been questioned but not arrested, and police have not released the guard’s name. Both guards are employed by Miami-based Regions Security, rather than the city of Hollywood.

Duce’s relatives said they couldn’t imagine what happened. They said he’s never been in any sort of trouble since coming to South Florida from Haiti about 10 years ago, which a check of police records seems to confirm, and spends nearly every waking moment trying to provide for his family.

“All he does is work,” said Joel Guerrier, who is married to one of Duce’s cousins. He works as a guard and he works at a supermarket. At home he cooks, washes dishes, washes clothes and takes the babies to school… .

“This man doesn’t have time to get in trouble.”