Seniors in Miami Gardens Take Part in Free Farm Share

Seniors in Miami Gardens were in for a treat on Saturday. Over 500 people over the age of 65 lined up for a free farm share food distribution giving them access to fresh produce. 

“This is actually my third annual senior farm share. I do it every year but it’s specifically for our senior residents,” said Lisa C. Davis, a councilwoman in Miami Gardens.

The annual event was hosted by local councilwoman, Lisa C. Davis at the Hamlet at Walden Pond in Miami Gardens. The goal, to give seniors in the community access to healthy and fresh food.

“I came out to get some food for my family,” said Jessica Collins, a resident of Miami Gardens.

“A lot of times our seniors are on fixed income, they don’t have enough food, so it’s important to me always to make sure my seniors are taken care of in this community,” said Councilwoman Davis, “They are the root of this community. They lead this community.”

“For a lot of families, this will put food on the table, especially for my grandparents. So this is a good day because it feeds the community and feeds those who are in need and that’s a good thing,” said Flora Johnson, a volunteer with Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

Saturday’s event was completely free on a first come first serve basis until 1pm. 

“I got chicken, spaghetti, beans, rice, mango and juice,” said Miami Gardens resident, Jessica Collins, “It’s very important because food is expensive now and I’m on a fixed income.”

The Miami Gardens Super Soul Steppers even performed grooving and shaking things up to promote healthy lifestyles no matter what age. 

“It’s a happy feeling because we give food for people who need it, but it’s sad because we have this situation that we’re dealing within our community. But at least we are here feeding people from going hungry and that means tonight someone’s going to eat,” said John Delgado, Florida assistant operations manager at Farm Share.”