She won’t stop stalking her ex even while cops are present, police say

A Keys woman has been arrested twice in four days after police said she relentlessly stalked her ex-boyfriend with a series of text messages and phone calls.

Four Monroe deputies warned her to stop calling her ex before she was arrested the first time this week.

Heather Hope Rohrer, 28, of Marathon, who is listed as a property manager, was arrested again Thursday on a felony charge of aggravated stalking after a restraining order was issued.

She posted a $10,000 bond and was released from the Plantation Key jail. Three days earlier, she had posted a $5,000 bond and was released from the county jail on Stock Island.

On Feb. 17, she was arrested on four misdemeanor counts of cyberstalking after her ex went to the sheriff’s office to ask for help in getting her to stop calling, which had been going on for a month. She called twice while he was at the sheriff’s substation.

“Every time his phone rings and he answers, he said he gets sick to his stomach because he knows it is going to be Rohrer,” wrote Deputy Jorge Moreno in the first arrest report.

Two days later, the man was still getting calls from Rohrer but from different phone numbers since he blocked her original cell phone and other numbers from which she has called. She then uses different numbers.

She contacted him via six different numbers.

Deputies were present while she was calling repeatedly. She kept saying, “I need to see you,” and “Just drop the charges,” according to the arrest report.

Deputies went to an address on Duck Key, where Rohrer had been arrested Feb. 17, and where they spoke with Rohrer’s husband. He said she wasn’t at their home in Marathon. He was very cooperative and concerned about her well-being, deputies said.