Siblings’ Instagram page shows there’s more to Miami than just the Beach

Most people say working with family could get sticky, but for siblings Alexandra and Philipp Klumpp, it has brought nothing but success. In August 2015, the two created their own Instagram page called Beyond South Beach.

Beyond South Beach focuses on showing tourists and locals a different side of Miami-Dade County that many are not familiar with. The siblings visit restaurants, historic architecture, and other attractions that are not in South Beach as a way to show that there is more to Miami than just the Beach party scene.

“This is a worldwide thing,” said Alexandra, 24. “I studied in Madrid, and when I would say I’m from Miami, everyone would say ‘Oh, South Beach! I love South Beach!’ But there is so much more.”

According to web tracker Investopedia, Instagram reached 700 million monthly active users in April 2017, and 100 million of them were added since the start of this year.

“Instagram allows to tell a visual story better than any other social media platform,” said Philipp, 27. “It’s where everybody ‘lives’ now, all the millennials, the people, the followers who we really want to influence.”

Philipp graduated from Fordham University in New York City and earned a master’s at Florida International University. Alexandra had just graduated from University of Miami when she began contemplating her future.

“I basically thought there was nothing for me to do,” she said. “I was like ‘There is nothing in Miami,’ and my mom was like, ‘That’s not true.’”

Alexandra and Philipp credit their mother, Teresa Klumpp, for giving them the idea to begin a blog showcasing Greater Miami.

“It was a concept that had no gift wrapping,” Philipp said. “I was like, ‘Let me just think a little about this,’ and I had remembered that time that Lebron James said that he’s taking his talents to South Beach, and I was like ‘This is not South Beach, this is Miami.’ And that’s when it hit me, I thought of Beyond South Beach.”

While Alexandra and Philipp interview and explore, Teresa takes the pictures, and their father, Stephan Klumpp, edits them back at their house. This family of four now has 20.5K followers on Instagram and about 500 posts.

The Klumpps, who grew up in Miami-Dade County, are very passionate about preserving Miami’s history.

“We enjoy Miami’s past and new history a lot, but food is always great,” Philipp said.

Leo Piña, manager of Coral Gables’ first coffeehouse, Café Demetrio, says keeping social media updated is very important. It has helped the café expand its clientele and keep people up to date on the newest menu changes and more.

“When people come to Miami they think South Beach,” said Piña, son of the owner of Café Demetrio, who will also be featured on Beyond South Beach. “I see the tourists, and everyone goes directly to Miami beach and little do they know there’s little gems like us in Coral Gables. I think it’s a good idea what they’re doing.”

Beyond South Beach has planned and hosted its very own public event, Meet Miami, which is designed to connect companies, vendors and other aspiring individuals in Miami.

The siblings highlight the vendors on their Instagram before the event, so followers can get to know and connect with them.

“Multiple people told us they have sold more than ever at Meet Miami,” said Alexandra.

They have hosted two events so far, each with 400+ guests. In the future, the two hope to be hosting Meet Miami every three months.

The siblings hope that someday soon, businesses will pay to be featured on their Instagram page. Beyond South Beach also has its for-profit agency side focusing on branding with social channels, and creating brand narratives and brand stories.

“We try to get people that just started and do their branding ‘cause we feel like we know Miami’s audience really well. We have all this big agency data that we can look at,” Philipp said.

Beyond South Beach also has a Facebook page and this fall, Alexandra and Philipp will be launching a website, too. It will be similar to their Instagram but will have extra material, description, video content and more. The website will be

“When we realized what we had, it became a massive passion project,” Philipp said.