‘Sorrow’: Interfaith Vigil in Fort Lauderdale for Pittsburgh

Worshippers of different faiths gathered in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday to hold a vigil for the 11 people killed at the synagogue in Pittsburgh.

The interfaith vigil occurred at The Sanctuary church to promote a message of hope, unity and healing.

“This is a time of inclusion. We are in pain – all people of faith,” The Sanctuary church pastor Dwayne Black said.

Among those in attendance: U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Fort Lauderdale Vice Mayor Ben Sorensen.

“I’m weary to the bone; from vigils and sorrow and heartbreak,” Wasserman-Schultz said.

“As divisive as religion can be, there is more than that. We can come together and if we as religious leaders can come together and work together, then anything is possible,” Sorensen said.

In Florida, places of worship are increasing security after the events in Pittsburgh. Gov. Rick Scott has ordered Florida Highway Patrol troopers to increase patrols statewide.

The director of the Community Security Organization who is also the security director of the Chabad of Florida, Zalman Myer-Smith, said that incidents like the one in Pittsburgh are “always a shock” despite training.

“The initial protocol we are looking for is ensuring the sites are safe and more security and law enforcement are there, and that there are no copycats, which is one of the biggest issues with law enforcement we’re worried about,” Myer-Smith said.