Stolen purses at mall, car chase and deadly crash result in his conviction for murder

Jurors decided Exzavier Robinson is a murderer, not just a mere shoplifter.

The 36-year-old Miami man was convicted late Wednesday for killing a motorist in a car crash after a high-speed police chase that began when he swiped a Michael Kors purse at Macy’s at the Aventua Mall.

He was convicted of first-degree felony murder, strong-armed robbery, vehicular homicide and reckless driving resulting in serious bodily injury. Jurors deliberated just a couple of hours before returning a verdict late Wednesday.

Robinson faces an automatic life prison sentence for the murder charge, though he’ll be sentenced at a later date.

He’d been awaiting trial since 2009, when he was arrested for the death of 40-year-old security guard Emily Anderson in North Miami Beach.

Prosecutors said Robinson and a friend, Keenya Young, drove to the Aventura Mall, stole Michael Kors and Juicy Couture purses from Macy’s and led police on the dramatic car chase. The pursuit ended when Robinson’s borrowed Chrysler 300 plowed into a car driven by Anderson, a security guard on her way home; her passenger surived but was in a coma for months.

Prosecutors alleged that Robinson was guilty of murder because he took part in the robbery of the Macy’s that resulted in Anderson’s death. The star witness was Young, who pleaded guilty, agreed to serve five years in prison and testified against Robinson.

Robinson’s defense lawyers, however, said he just a shoplifter and that it was actually Young behind the wheel when the Chysler hit Anderson’s car.