Sweet Blood Band Florida

Jason Dean Moshen
Jason Dean Moshen

Sweet Blood

Ft. Jason Dean Moshen Vocals


Sweet Blood recently played out with Jason Dean Moshen and his crazy great VOCALS. So they automatically get our nod as a GREAT COVER BAND in South Florida for one reason.

JASON DEAN MOSHEN is that good.

A future ROCK GOD.

What a waste of talent though, since Jason was on Bass and not allowed to show off his LEAD GUITAR WORK that has the LEGEND Rex Luciferius saying he wants the young phenom to be LEAD GUITAR for his band when he starts to play out soon.

With over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud the past 2 months THE LEGEND aka THE PROPHET OF ROCK aka Rex Luciferius knows something about LEAD GUITARISTS and he says for young Jason to be doing anything but LEAD GUITAR at this stage in his young career is a waste of his phenomenal talent and it will stunt his skills if he decides to keep playing Bass when his Lead Guitar work is second to none already in South Florida, so says THE PROPHET OF ROCK.

So if you are in SFL and can catch Sweet Blood playing out, as long as Jason is doing vocals IT IS A MUST SEE SHOW.