Tamarac Thieves Posed as Pest Control Crew: BSO

A man says he got duped by two men posing as a pest control crew who attempted to steal from his Tamarac apartment.

The incident happened Thursday in the 5800 block of NW 64th Avenue, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

The 68-year-old resident, who did not want to be identified, said two men came to his door offering pest control services.

He let them in but realized shortly after that he had been conned.

“He was in the closet and I saw him rummaging through my wife’s purse,” the resident said. “And that’s when I took a stick I had over there, and I told them (to) get the hell out of here, and his other friend came over and they pushed me up against the wall.”

The man chased them outside, yelling so the neighbors can hear him.

The thieves got into a car and tried driving off, but investigators say a neighbor tried to help by blocking their car.

Their vehicles ended up crashing, and the suspects got away.

The victim, however, said he is still grateful to his community.

“I already told him how much I thank him and I love him,” he said. “We are a pretty tight community.”

There were no injuries.

Deputies are still looking for the suspects and car involved but have not released details.