Teacher Dies After Road Rage Shooting on I-95 in Fort Lauderdale

The preschool teacher who was shot during a road rage incident on Interstate 95 in Fort Lauderdale over the weekend has died from her injuries, her family said Wednesday.

Annie Estevez, 23, worked at a preschool in Broward while attending college at Florida Atlantic University, majoring in early childhood development.

Estevez was driving back Sunday from celebrating Thanksgiving with her boyfriend’s family out of state when a white BMW i8 side-swiped her Nissan Sentra, leading to an argument between the driver of the BMW and Estevez and her boyfriend.

The BMW driver took out a firearm and fired. Family members said Estevez was hit upwards of seven times.

She was placed on life support at Broward Health. Her boyfriend is expected to recover.

The driver of the BMW is still at large.

“I’m not mad at what you did to my sister … I just want you to know that she’s not here anymore and it was because of you,” Estevez’s sister said Wednesday. “I just want you to go get some help because that’s not right for you to shoot someone just like that and just leave. That’s inhumane.”

Authorities released a sketch of the suspect on Tuesday.

Broward Sheriff’s Office

A sketch of the suspect in a road rage shooting on I-95 in Broward County.

Investigators said a young girl was also hit by gunfire. She is expected to recover.