‘That was really crazy.’ Watch a Lamborghini ram a truck and occupants flee in separate car

Last Saturday morning, a scene of chaos played out across the street from the 46 St Super Market, at 695 NW 46th St., in Miami.

All was recorded by a surveillance camera, reports Local 10.

You can see a black Lamborghini Huracan ram the back of Ford Super Duty truck, which had slowed for a red light. The truck driver gets out to see the damage, then the driver and passenger of the totaled Lambo get out and climb into a black Mercedes that rolls up into the frame.

The Ford driver snaps a photo of the fleeing Mercedes with his phone. It is unclear if he was able to get the license plate.

Cops are still investigating who would leave the Lamborghini there and where it came from.

“That was really crazy,” said Tee Wilson who works at a bake shop, NAsteeTreatz, inside the store. “A Lamborghini is like a $300,000 car. How can you just leave it there?”