The business the New Jersey guys ran out of Medley: a $16,000 phone fraud, cops say.

Marcos Alamonte-Mejia and Anyulia Recio-Carmona of New Jersey
Marcos Alamonte-Mejia and Anyulia Recio-Carmona of New Jersey Miami-Dade Corrections

Medley, home to more businesses than people, is where a pair of New Jersey guys ran their business, a $16,000 version of the Grandparent Scam, out of their temporary home.

At least, that’s what Medley police and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office were saying Wednesday, a week after the arrests of Marcos Alamonte-Mejia, 23, of Belleville, New Jersey, and Anyulia Recio-Carmona, 28, of Newark. Each has pleaded not guilty to two counts of organized fraud under $20,000 and two counts of attempted fraudulent use of identification. Neither has posted his $140,000 bond.

Here’s a boilerplate Grandparent Scam: Someone calls a senior citizen with the story that a grandson or granddaughter is in legal trouble and needs a chunk of cash, usually to get out of jail. The hope is the senior citizen will be so distraught that he or she will act immediately — before making a few phone calls to double check that the grandchild needs cash.

Authorities say Alamonte-Mejia and Recio-Carmona ran a nephew version of The Grandparent Scam on someone in Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish, which is in the New Orleans-Metarie metropolitan area.

From an extended stay hotel in Medley, cops say, one of the two men called an elderly man in Louisiana on March 21. He said he was a Coral Gables criminal defense attorney assigned to the victim’s nephew and the nephew was being held on $10,000 bond. Their target sent the money to Medley.

They hit the target up again for $6,200. But after that, the senior citizen found out his nephew wasn’t in legal trouble in Florida, indeed wasn’t even in Florida. The victim called police in Jefferson Parish and Medley.

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