The Flyers Band Rocks SFL


THE Flyers Band Rocks SFL

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Patrick Farinas Lead Vocals & Guitar

Jordan Richards Bass

Joe Beard Drums

We were recently exposed to THE FLYERS at the O’Malley’s tribute bash to victims of the Parkland School Shooting held March 4th 2018.

The band that hands down stole the show did it with only a 4 song set that left the audience dazed and confused as to why the most talented band on the playbill that featured quite a few bands only gave this important emerging South Florida Band  such a short set.

While the day featured some tired cover bands long past their glory days that seemed to play too long at the fund raiser, THE FLYERS got only a 4 song set and they were not only the youngest band by average age featured that day who covers other bands songs, they are also an original rock/alternative blues band.

THE FLYERS are known for epic covers of some of the greatest rock and rock blues bands of the 60’s and 70’s including Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. But,  they’re also one of the rare gifted original bands in SFL who are building a solid following playing out in SFL in the age when most original bands have no place to playout if they only want to do their original music.

The front man of the band Patrick Farinas who has a smooth bluesy baritone vocal singing style is a pure showman that played his guitar right handed and in mid song turned it upside down to play it left handed alla Jimmie Hendrix, he then played it with his teeth and even played it behind his back. The highlight of the ability of the gifted guitarist was when he played his guitar with one hand behind his back while playing his keyboard. Patrick also played his guitar with one hand while playing a dual drum assist with one drum stick with drummer Joe Beard and then he went on to play his guitar with the drum stick acting as a type of violin bow on his guitar.

The only thing Patrick didn’t do was set a prop guitar on fire on stage as Hendrix did.

Patrick has been playing out professionally since he was a 13 year old prodigy and his genius was recognized when Bob Dylan chose him to open for him locally. The bass player in the band Jordan Richards is said to be only 16 (their Facebook bio probably outdated) and was the first of the young SFL prodigies to hit the O’Malley stage that day.

Jason Dean Moshen who joined the popular Crush cover band on stage right after THE FLYERS amazed the crowd was the other young prodigy barely out of his teens to hit the O’Malley stage that day, and while Crush does goes up dramatically in value as a cover band by having young Jason doing great guitar riffs and showing off his Dio and Roger Plant high screaming chords, the band is still just a mature cover band who does their sets very well, but they cater to an older crowd due to the overall age of the band and the dated material they play.

Jason with Crush just doesn’t fit as well as young Jordan does with THE FLYERS. Seeing Jordan jamming with other great musicians years younger than members of Crush became clearly evident when Jason then took the stage with his youthful rockstar looks which are a sharp contrast to the well aged Crush band members right after Jordan rocked the stage with THE FLYERS.

While Crush has been around for ages and have a nice following of old people, Jason merely is a breath of fresh air to a tired band that is still a great cover band but whom will never appeal to a younger crowd.

Jordan with THE FLYERS is already creating waiting lines and many are young music lovers.

While Crush is considered by us to be one of the top cover bands in South Florida due to Jason playing out with them, THE FLYERS are not just one of the top Cover bands in SFL they are also one of the top original bands even though they have NO RANKING on Reverbnation due probably to the band not promoting their original music properly on their own website and social media accounts.

The key to ranking well on RN is promoting the RN player on a bands site and in social media featuring your original songs.

THE LEGEND Rex Luciferius who has over 40 Million plays on SoundCloud  and who recently released 25 Singles  through Will.I.AM’s  new music aggregation company Amuse and is one of the top  ranked  Indy Bands on ReverbNation was seen in the crowd of the Parkland tribute bash.

Rex released a moving tribute ballad within 2 days of the Parkland Tragedy titled Voices in Your Head.

The 2016 music video of Rex Luciferius titled PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD which is about how the school shooting tragedies in the USA form a Pentagram on a map over North America is once again the talk of the music world since his music video released in 2016 had a huge red dot over South Florida and it covered Parkland.

The music video also is about hurricanes and earthquakes as well as mass shootings and terrorism that all keep hitting on the eery Pentagram of Blood map Rex featured in his infamous music video.

Occasionally Rex has been seen on stage at popular Karaoke shows in SFL doing covers of classic rock and country blues songs suited to his voice considered to be one of the deepest bass voices in rock and country blues. Seeing Rex sing Hurt by Johnny Cash is a treat if you’re lucky enough to be out when Rex takes the stage to do his version a full octave lower than the man in Black did his.

Rex told us he has no interest in playing out in South Florida since his fan base is in Europe and Asia due to his songs being banned on radio in the USA since his song Virgin Mary Sacrifices that predicted where the DC Sniper shootings would occur made him the original suspect in that tragedy by the FBI, who issued a ban on all music of Rex Luciferius on US airwaves.

That event was why the film documentary titled THE LEGEND was made about the prophecy music of Rex Luciferius and why the legion of fans of Rex call him THE PROPHET of Rock and Country Blues. We hear the documentary is being redone to add all the amazing new prophetic hits that the prophecy music videos of Rex have recently had including the tragic Parkland Shooting, the Vegas Massacre and the rash of Hurricanes to hit areas given by Rex in his prophecy music videos.

Rex praised THE FLYERS to us and he stated they’re the first band in SFL he’s seen good enough for him to want to do a song or two with, they’re that talented of musicians he said.

So if you haven’t seen THE FLYERS yet check them out Wednesday’s at Johnnie Browns in Delray Beach. It’s the joint with a waiting line to get in thanks to the remarkable skills of THE FLYERS.