The Gig Featuring Rock Band, Wyld Fly

The South Florida music scene has more to offer than just rap, salsa and dance music. The rock band “Wyld Fly” is bringing true, energetic Rock n’ Roll back to the center stage.

Band members, Alex Di Leo (vocals/guitar), and Austin Higney (lead guitar) started a band while in middle school, and since then have formed a special musical connection you can only create with your closest friend. While attending Cardinal Gibbons High School, they met Brian Reina (drums). He joined the band in 2011. In 2012 Wyld Fly was born. The newest member is Chris Nichols (bass). He is a currently a student at St. Thomas High School.

Years of song writing has allowed them to fine tune their sound into a tour de force. They start with Alex’s silky vocals and rowdy choruses, then add Brian’s thunderous down beats. Austin comes in weaving his guitar lines with sharp riffs, power chords and melodic solos. Bringing up the bottom end is Chris, walking his bass through chord progressions like a seasoned pro. The result of these four forces joining together is defined as a hard hitting rock band with solid melodic choruses.