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The Klik almost Clicks at Cheers

A young energetic band was at Cheers Pompano Beach Saturday night November 25th 2017.

Overall, it’s a middle of the pack cover band that has yet to find a playlist they can play in the pocket.

They also have an identity issue due to two other bands with followings use the Klik as their name already.

While the charismatic front man wowed the crowd  with a superb in the pocket cover of Even Flow by Pearl Jam, a song in the wheel house of the vocalist of the band, other songs left the crowd dazed and confused, they were simply awful. If the band asks themselves what song got the best applause, they would admit it was Even Flow. It was in pocket and the crowd loved it.

Two songs the band should never do again were Gloria Gaynor’s Diva classic I will Survive and the funk grooved Brick House.

If the band had a 2nd vocalist in the high tenor range to cover the songs, okay it might work. However, the lead singer is a high baritone range singer who could please a crowd all night with up to date covers of say Kaleo’s Way Down We Go or even Human by Rag n Boneman.

Alternative Blues is red hot and most of the great SOS Grunge bands had baritone singers, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and STP to name a few.

As is often the case with cover bands, they try to offer to vast of a playlist instead of curator a playlist that suits the vocal range of the band.

So, overall we’d give the band a positive review due to the audience wanted to like the young band, but instead of songs in the pocket the band was out of pocket all night long.

If they take this positive criticism to heart and start to do what they can do well, or find another player for the band with a tenor voice who can cover songs they are trying to play, the band could become a fresh young new band on the SFL music scene.

Granted, the gig at Cheers is way too long with bands doing 5 sets instead of 3, so few new bands have a playlist deep enough to go 5 grueling sets.

But overall the band engages the crowd well and they do attract a younger crowd, so if they make some playlist adjustments they could do well in the crowded SFL cover market.

Rex Luciferius was seen in the crowd. He recently took the #1 spots on many charts on ReverbNation for local Rock Band in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Coral Springs.

Last week  Rex Luciferius did what is being called THE EPIC DROP with Will.I.AM’s new music company where he unleashed 25 original singles.

Rex Luciferius  is known globally for what is being called Prophecy Music. His music videos sing about mass death events from Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Terrorism and mass shootings. The videos feature maps with Pentagrams and every recent mass death events has been occuring on the lines of the Pentagrams featured in the music videos of Rex Luciferius.

247 News did a major feature on their music video predicting the Las Vegas Massacre. 

While iTunes put the Epic Drop of Rex Luciferius into 8 different Genres the overall Genre is Alternative.

Rex Luciferius is now one of the top Alternative Bands in the world hitting the top 30 Globally on ReverbNation the first few days the band moved over to Alternative from Rock.

However, a few local bands that have no major position in the Nationwide or Global Alternative charts on ReverbNation are for the time being listed ahead of THE LEGEND Rex Luciferius.

It may be due to how some local bands who are really pop singers are being pushed as featured acts at the upcoming Riptide event promoted by the Shark.

Also, ReverbNation admits local bands that PAY them for their added services get s boost only in local charts.

Rex Luciferius says he pays ReverbNation nothing and his chart power is due to a few things that local bands cannot do.

Rex Luciferius has a large global social media footprints.

They have huge plays on SoundCloud over 30 Million.

They have hundreds of thousands of video plays.

Until recently they had no music on ReverbNation but listing some songs and embedding their playlist on their site has given the band tens of thousands of plays on ReverbNation.

Rex says he might be touring soon in UK, Europe, Asia and South Asia where he gets radio play and most of his fans are located at.

The music of Rex Luciferius was banned from USA airwaves in 2002 when a prophecy song of the band made Rex the original suspect in the DC Sniper shootings. Virgin Mary Sacrifices was a blue print for the event.

That is why Rex Luciferius is now called THE LEGEND and THE PROPHET by his legion of fans all over the world.

Most of the worlds major media reported on Rex after 911 his famous Prophecies nailed that event as well.

So Rex Luciferius is unlike local bands, he plays original songs that predict historic events.

It could be hundreds of years from now the only music still remembered from this era is the Prophecy Songs of THE PROPHET.



1 Fort Lauderdale

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