The Latest: Transgender inmates could have bras, cosmetics

The Latest on California transgender inmates, (all times local):

6 p.m.

Transgender California prison inmates could have bras, cosmetics and other personal items corresponding to their gender identities under newly proposed regulations.

The state corrections department filed the rules Tuesday in response to a federal lawsuit. The lawsuit earlier led California to become the first state to provide taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgery to an inmate.

Transgender female inmates housed in men’s facilities could have feminine undergarments, lip gloss and mascara, for instance, while transgender male inmates in women’s prisons could wear aftershave and boxers.

A federal magistrate previously ordered the state to provide similar items. However, attorneys for transgender inmate Shiloh Quine are still sparring with corrections officials over the details of the rule change.

The proposed regulations will have a public hearing and comment period before they can take effect.


2:34 p.m.

California officials say the first U.S. inmate to have taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgery again has access to a razor after she complained that she was being forced to grow a beard and mustache.

Corrections department spokeswoman Terry Thornton said Tuesday that 57-year-old Shiloh Quine was recently moved into the general inmate population at the Central California Women’s Facility.

There she can have a razor and other property that wasn’t allowed for nearly two months while she was being evaluated as a new inmate.

Thornton says the same rules apply to all female inmates.

The convicted murderer was transferred to the women’s prison last month after having surgery in January.

She complained in a court filing that her facial hair was making the transition to life as a woman more difficult.