‘The Little Couple’ stars experience Irma evacuation hell, too

Some reality stars, they’re suffering just like the rest of us Floridians.

“The Little Couple,” aka Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, had to evacuate their St. Petersburg home on Saturday.

Arnold, who is a neonatologist at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, posted on Instagram updates on their trip northwest to her parents’ home.

The TLC cars contended with the usual storm stressors: heavy traffic, gas issues, driving in the dark, and traveling with kids.

In her fifth post, Arnold looks totally exhausted: “Well, there is no gas in Florida it seems, but we are fortunate. We actually did find some gas after quite sometime. But I can’t believe how many gas stations are emptied.”

But the doctor is an old pro by now. She told her followers in another post she and hurricanes go way back.

“I have a history, and it’s getting a little weird about hurricanes following me. My family calls me a hurricane magnet,” she said, sitting in the passenger seat as her husband drove. “But I have been followed by hurricanes in Orlando, Miami, Pittsburgh, Houston and now St. Petersburg.”

Her first experience? The big one: Andrew, in 1992.

“Turns out that when I had my first night in college as a freshman at University of Miami when I was becoming a Hurricane, I went through Andrew. The eye went over us. The whole building shook, we were evacuated. After three or four days, we had to be rescued and taken out of school.”

The last post on Monday shows their two kids looking out at a calm body of water: “So thankful our family on both coasts of Florida made it safely through #hurricaneimra #littlecouple#BeSafeFlorida

The two-hourThe Little Couple” season premiere airs Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. on TLC.