They asked her for help getting $480,000 cash. Then they stole $18,000 of her jewelry

A gang of three pulled the Lottery Scam on an 80-year-old Davie woman and walked off with $18,000 in jewelry, police said.

But cops hope images of the three from Publix surveillance video can help the public identify them.

According to the incident report from Davie police, the threesome arrived in the Publix parking lot at 12:56 p.m. on Feb. 21 and parked near Anicetas Nanowsky. One woman got out and approached Nanowsky as the senior citizen put groceries in her car. A second woman got out and approached her crony and Nanowsky. A man waited in the front passenger seat for a few minutes, then got out and went into the store.

Nanowsky said the first woman claimed she’d just won $480,000 in the Mega Millions Lotto game and was looking for a lawyer. After the second woman joined the conversation, Nanowsky told the women to call the Lotto office with her right there and put the Lotto office on speakerphone.

The man who answered the call told them to get the $480,000, “They needed to invest cash or jewelry.”

(Red Flag: if you win money in any legitimate raffle or lottery game, you don’t have to pay money to get your money. You paid money when you bought the game ticket.)

But, because Nanowsky thought she was speaking to the Mega Millions Lotto office, the call assuaged her worries. They told her if she helped them get the $480,000, she’d get $10,000. She said yes and they suggested to go to her house.

Nanowsky told police she showed them a white and gold diamond ring and white and gold diamond earrings worth a combined $15,000. They asked for the gold necklace she was wearing, worth $2,400. After going through jewelry on a living room shelf, they picked a gold watch and a gold bracelet, worth $1,200 together, Nanowsky said.

Satisfied they had enough, they asked Nanowsky for a Ziploc bag for the jewelry. They asked her for a ride to the Florida Lotto office. Once outside, they suggested she bring water — it could be a while in the Lotto office. Nanowsky thought this a good idea, so went back inside for water.

When she came out, they were gone.

Nanowsky didn’t know what Publix surveillance video showed. The man, after playing the phone role of Mega Millions Lotto office guy from inside Publix, came back outside, got in his car and followed Nanowsky and the women in Nanowsky’s car out of the Publix parking lot.

He likely parked near Nanowsky’s home. So, when she went inside for water, he could roll up and the two thieves could get into his car for a swift escape.

She said the two con artists were white Hispanic women, the first woman standing about 5-foot-1, 120 pounds with blond hair and the second about 5-foot-3 or 5-foot-4, 140 pounds.

Anyone who knows anything about this con group can call Davie police at 954-693-8200.