This couple made themselves right at home. Trouble is, it wasn’t their home.

When the owner of a Big Pine Key home got two utility bills saying nearly 300 gallons of water had been used at his home while he was away, he knew something wasn’t right.

According to police, Joseph DiNovo owns the house at 30152 Coconut Highway but lives out of town, and called a friend to check the house for a water leak after receiving the bills in June.

The friend didn’t find a leak, but rather the possessions of a local couple who had moved all their things underneath the stilted home and used the outdoor shower, according to the arrest report.

Tina Perron, 39, was arrested Aug. 23 after Monroe County sheriff’s deputies say she and her boyfriend Sky Gerry Rockett, 47, left behind their possessions under DiNovo’s house and used his water and electricity.

Monroe Deputy Ken Fricke went to the house in June after DiNovo’s friend called the police. There, he found the couple’s possessions, including a pink and black bathing suit on the side of the house, next to the shower. According to the report, while dealing with Tina Perron over the past few months, Fricke had seen her wearing that specific bathing suit on at least one occasion.

There was also a Ducati motorcycle poster which at one point was hanging in the Underseas Dive Shop, recognized by Fricke.

Rockett and Perron ran the Underseas Dive Shop and lived there together, according to the report. The dive shop closed March 17 and the landlord took possession of the property, which is when the couple became “essentially homeless,” the report says.

In boxes under DiNovo’s house were Perron’s cosmetologist license and clothes, along with letters from the Florida Department of Revenue addressed to Rockett, a battery tester with the words “Sky Rockett” written on the handle and Rockett’s 1987 Most Valuable Defensive Player football trophy from Marathon High School.

There were also 28 garbage bags full of clothes, two queen-sized mattresses, multiple car parts, a freezer, a flat screen TV with a DVD player and soundbar and other household items.

After being served a warrant in Miami-Dade County on Aug. 11, Perron was arrested for two counts of felony grand theft, felony littering over 500 pounds and burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and taken to the jail on Stock Island. Her bond is $9,000.

Monroe Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Beck Herrin could not say whether a warrant has been issued for Rockett.

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