Timmons Loves The Energy In Miami

Lawrence Timmons is ready for a new chapter after 10 years in the NFL with a new team and a new defense, but he promises something won’t change now that he has joined the Dolphins.

“I’m going to try to give you my all no matter what,” Timmons said. “No one is going to change that.”

Timmons signed with the Dolphins on Friday after starting 126 games over the past 10 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“I just had a visit, I love the energy here.,” Timmons said. “Talking to the coaches, got a real nice response from them. I love the energy. I just felt it was just fitting.

“It’s very different (going to a new team after 10 years) because you’ve being loyal somewhere for so long. I love Steeler Nation. You always respect what you’re true to. It’s a new thing being here with the Dolphins. That’s what I love, but sometimes change is not so bad. But it is a business. You can’t get caught up in it. I just gotta look at it as business and do my job.”

The next question for Timmons is exactly what that job will entail.

Timmons played mostly inside linebacker in the Steelers’ 3-4 defense through the years and now will have to transition to a predominantly 4-3 scheme. He said he didn’t know how the Dolphins plan on using him.

He did, however, say he didn’t expect any issues with the scheme switch.

“I’m a football player,” Timmons said. “I’m just see ball, get ball. I’m not going to try to go out here and glamorize it. I’m just going to go out here and play ball.

“Me being an older player, I give (the team) some veteran presence, some leadership from that standpoint. I’m just coming out just trying to give any help to what we’re doing here because it’s very special. Knowing the NFL, the Miami Dolphins, God is good. It’s beautiful.

“They brought me here, so I’m just trying to live up to those expectations. They believe in me. Football is what I live for. When I’m out there, I’m going to show that.”